Grape harvest festivals

Grape harvest festivals

Vendimia… or Grape harvest… the best of autumn

Precisely early autumn is the time when you can enjoy Spanish wine as at this stage the grape harvest festivals are held which are worth seeing, for sure. This is an ideal chance to experience great atmosphere of wine-making culture.

September and October are those two month that basically mark the grape picking period. This, of course, is a perfect reason to celebrate bearing in mind that the hard work is done throughout the year – grapes grew up and after picking them up, wine will be produced.

The grape harvest festivals (vendimia) are held in many locations here in Spain and they masterly reveal what the world of wine is like. Good mood is contagious during this celebration so for sure you will have great time taking part in it.


Grape harvest festivals - study Spanish at Academia CILE in Malaga

These celebrations include many customs and tasks. One of them is, of course, the so well-known grape treading and the tasting of the first must.

During this time many other wine-related events are organised, such as wine tasting sessions, expositions, or others.

The best region to enjoy that is, of course, Rioja. The Rioja Grape Harvest Festival is among the best ones worldwide. However, it is held in many Spain’s locations of wine-making areas so you won’t miss it! Andalusia isn’t an exception.

Thus, the heat is over but autumn brings wonderful things to explore. While being the student of Academia CILE you will have a chance to experience that together with us! Don’t think twice and come!

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