Spanish school in Malaga

Spanish school in Malaga

Centro Internacional de Lengua Española in Malaga

The Spanish school is located in the historical building, right next to the cathedral, shops, restaurants, pubs and the beach which is only 10 minutes walking distance away. This is the appropriate surrounding for a lively teaching environment which combines a friendly atmosphere with academic success.


The teaching is based on the most modern method of education. CILE has developed its own study materials, specially made for 4 weeks courses. The structure of CILE´s courses ensures creating confidence in handling the Spanish language. From the first day, Spanish is the only spoken language in our lessons.


The real value of the school are the teachers. All of them are university graduates and have experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. They emphasize their teachings on fun and interactive learning, all while creating friendly relations between teachers and students which guarantees best success in learning.


The administrative personnel is always at the disposal of the students to offer any help they may need and make their stay as comfortable as possible. Our secretary, who speaks several languages, will give you general information on theatres, cinemas, excursions, etc. and arrange medical appointments if necessary.