DELE Exam Preparation Course

DELE Exam Preparation Course

The Instituto Cervantes provides the DELE diplomas (Spanish Diploma as a Second Language) to the students who pass the official exams which are presented three times per year all over the world. These are the only ones officially recognized diplomas of General Spanish. Our school offers special courses with regard to the preparation to these exams during the whole year.

We offer two kind of Prepariation Courses. The DELE Course 4 lessons/day, consist of two different blocks. The first one regards to the general grammar lessons and the second is composed of two especific lessons which are focused on the exam primarily. Meanwhie the DELE Course 6 lessons/day is made of three different blocks. The first one is concentrated on the exam preparation. Then, follows the grammar block, and finally there is a conversation block.

The method of our native and highly qualified teachers is based on the most advanced communicative techniques of language teaching. As a result of their long experience, they invented a unique and original style of teaching.

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1 Week
300 €
2 Weeks 393 €
4 Weeks 662 €
6 Weeks
993 €
8 Weeks
1.238 €
12 Weeks
1.791 €

1 Week
500 €
2 Weeks
549 €
4 Weeks
930 €
6 Weeks
1.395 €
8 Weeks
1.671 €
12 Weeks
2.367 €

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Starting dates
Every Monday*
Timetable From Monday to Friday.

To be consulted

Number of lessons per day
4 group lessons/day or 6 group lessons/day
Each lesson lenght
45 min.
Number of lessons per week
20 or 30 lessons
Course lenght
Between 1 and 52 weeks
Number of students per class
1 – 8 students
Levels All levels are available, from beginner (A1) to C2
Minimum age
16 years old
Learning materials
Enrolment Fee Free
The course includes
2 free flamenco lessons per week
Certificate Attendance Certificate at the end of the course that accredits
the level studied. It’s also possible to do a final exam.

*The complete beginners, who never studied Spanish before, must start in the beginners starting dates.
To see them, click here.

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