About Malaga

Málaga and the Costa del Sol

Malaga, the “city of paradise”, as described by Seville writer Vicente Aleixandre, is located in southern Spain and is the sixth largest city in the country. Malaga is located at the Mediterranean sea with beaches with a length of more than 150 km and a sky that is always blue, surrounded by mountains, lakes, gardens, villages and historical towns.

One of the great characteristics of this beautiful city is the excellent mild climate. With an
average annual temperature of 22ºC, Malaga offers around 330 sunny days!

The city originally founded by Phoenicians, possesses on the one hand a vast culture and on the other hand the traditional typical Spanish charm. Those who arrive in Malaga must include in their itinerary the Roman Theater, the Alcazaba, the Gibralfaro Castle, the famous Cathedral and some museums. You can also find a wide range of popular events such as Flamenco shows, Easter processions and the ten days of partying and fun of the August fair that show the open and friendly character of the Andalusians. In the streets of Malaga are numerous bars and restaurants for all tastes. You can find for example typical Spanish food, vegetarian and vegan food and specialties from countries all over the world.

The restaurants and bars are always full and the malaguenhos are known for their openness and sympathy. You will have the feeling, being at home after just a few days and have the chance to participate in the daily Spanish live and get to know this beautiful culture.

Malaga, the cosmopolitan Andalusian city, offers also countless possibilities for sports: It has several sporting harbors and sailing clubs along the coast. The practice of water skiing and windsurfing, is also very populare here. Moreover, the Costa del Sol is the most important golf center in Europe, with many golf courses all year round. Along the coast you can find many stables, where it is possible to make a horseride, either with a group or individually. As Malaga is located in the center of Andalusia, it allows you to easily get to know other cities such as: Granada with its Alhambra, Sierra Nevada with its facilities for skiing, the Mezquita de Cordoba and the Giralda de Sevilla, and a few hours from the other side of Gibraltar, it is possible to get to know Morocco in Africa.