Vegetarians and Vegans in Malaga

Vegetarians and Vegans in Malaga

Vegetarians and Vegans in Malaga

In the past few years the lifestyle of many people has changed due to the new gained consciousness about our food, the food industry in general and how it treats animals. But there are also a lot of other reasons, why people try to eat less meat, being vegetarian or even vegan. They do want to take care of their body and the environment.
But our world, even if we made little steps forward, is at this moment not geared for this new lifestyle. Therefore having this lifestyle and travelling sometimes is hard to combine. But we do have good news for you!
Malaga has many nice restaurants and bars that serve completely vegan or vegetarian food and drinks.  That’s why we made a selection of some good vegetarian and vegan restaurants for you!

  1. PicNic:

This place is for enjoying and relaxing. The products of which their food consists of is organic and produced locally. All food is home-made and fresh. They serve for example following:

– Toast with free-range bio eggs

– Vegan tacos

– Various freshly pressed juices.

They are open every day from 08.00am until 00.00pm.

Image: PicNic
Image: Cañadu
  1. Cañadu:

They offer ecological, varied and delicious vegetarian meals. On their menu they have for example:

– Salda griega

– Apple and pine nut croquettes

– Aubergine stuffed with mushrooms and nuts

– A wide range of pasta, hot soups and rise dishes and a lot more

  1. El Calafate:

This restaurant has a passion for vegetarian food. The products are natural, freshly produced and homemade. Those things constitute this restaurant. They have for example following dishes:

– Spinach croquettes

– Bean Falafel

– Double hamburger with mushrooms and oatmeal

– Chocolate coulant with ice cream 

Image: El Calafate

Already hungry for those dishes and more? Then give it a try and have a great night with great food in the city of Malaga.
For those who just like to have some vegan/ vegetarian options while, beneath the “general” food, we do have also some nice places to go to:

Image: Astrid

I.  Astrid:

A cuisine that is colourful, healthy and ecological. The most outstanding dishes are the following ones:

– Yoghurt with strawberries, cereals and nuts

– Biscuit and icecream sourrounded by fruit

As they have a lot more to offer just have a look at their lovely website.

II. No Piqui offers salads, burgers and pizzas with vegetarian and vegan options.

III. Recyclo Bike Café: e.g. Hummus with carrot sticks or nachos with Guacamole

IV. Lechuga: e.g. Camembert with dried fruit and blueberry sauce

V. Gloria Hoyos: e.g. caprese salad and tagliatelle with vegetable and tomato sauce

nicpic comida
Image: PicNic
Image: Cañadu
El calafate comida
Image: El Calafate
Image: Astrid