Combination Course: Spanish and Horse Riding

Combination Course: Spanish and Horse Riding

Combination Course: Spanish & Horse Riding - Interview

Our student Anna finished our combination course “Spanish – Horse Riding” last week. She will now tell us about how she experienced this special course.


CILE: “Hola Anna, you finished your course today after two weeks here in Malaga. How would you summarize your stay?”

Anna: “I’m really satisfied. I loved the Spanish lessons and the freetime here in Malaga.”

CILE: “So in your freetime, besides of visiting the sites and lying at the beach, you also went horseback riding. How did you like it?”

Anna: “It was a really nice experience. I started horseriding when I was 10 years old and I already have done a lot of horse riding in the fields and in forests at home, but the horse riding here in Malaga was still something special. The landscape was totally different to what I’m used to and also the horses were special, since they were andalusian horses.”


Foto: Academia CILE

CILE: “Wow, so you’re already an experienced rider, right? Do you think that other people should be experienced riders as well to take part in this combination course?”

Anna: “No, the riding is very relaxed. The horses walk nearly all the time, they just sometimes trott some meters if the distance to the other horses has become bigger. They are used to the surroundings and know the tour so that they are calm. In my opinion, you shouldn’t be a complete beginner, but if you already have some months of experience in riding it should be fine.”

CILE: “We recommended you to go by train. Did that work out?”

Anna: “Yes, it was very easy. I took the train C1 from Malaga Centro and got off at the station La Colina. The train ticket was 2,05€ and the trainride took me around 20 minutes. After that I had to walk to the riding-stable, that took me more or less another 10 minutes.

CILE: “The responsible person from the riding-stable told us that you could borrow a helmet from them. Did you find one in your size?”

Anna: “Yes, they have many helmets in different sizes. I tried them on until I found one that fit. They also had something like a hygienic protection for the inside of the helmet, which is actually really good because the helmets were of course already used by others.”

CILE: “And did you think that the time for the ride was sufficient?”

Anna: “Yes, two times a week for one hour is appropiate, since under the andalusian sun it can become hot very quickly ;). And after that you still have time to go to the beach or visit something in Malaga.”

CILE: “So I hear that you liked the course. We are happy about that! Would you recommend it to others and do it again?”

Anna: “Definitely. It is a nice mix of learning Spanish, having time to enjoy the city and the beach but also doing some sports and having a great experience. I would recommend it to everyone who wants to experience horse riding in a different surrounding or wants to try a new sport.”

Foto: El Ranchito
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Foto: Academia CILE