Open air cinema

Open air cinema

Cine Abierto

This year the Cine Abierto takes part of the summer nights in Málaga, too. If you are a movie fan or just like to enjoy a good film in a beautiful location, be part of the festival of Málaga, “Cine Abierto”. Last year more than 60.000 viewer took the chance of the movie screening.

The festival started on June 25th and will end on August 10th 2018. Every year they are showing the movies for free in 11 districts of Malaga; on the beach, in parks and other public places. 

In total are 32 different movies: 12 titles from the Spanish cinema, 15 from the United States of America, 2 from Argentina, 1 from France, 1 from Italy and 1 from Great Britain. So everybody will have the chance to find the perfect movie for his taste. You will get to know movies of different categorys such as romantic ones (La La Land), mystery ones (Inferno) and cartoon movies like Despicable Me 3.

You can enjoy the movies in a great atmosphere and share these moments with your family, friends or boyfriend/girlfriend. 

We can recommend to enjoy the beautiful sunset at the beach “Playa de la Malagueta” and finish the day with a great movie in a relaxing ambience. Just imagine, the weather is cooling down, you are feeling the sand under your feet, sitting in a chair in front of a big srceen and see a good movie. The movies are in Spanish with Spanish subtiltes, so even if you are not a native speaker, you have the chance to unterstand the dialogues. The best part of this, is having the great view of the ocean in the background. It is also a beautiful feeling to compare this memorable and unique experience with other people.

For more information have a look at the website.

Look at the calender to check out the program and have fun watching it.