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There are many facts about Spain that not everybody knows and what are definitely very exciting to know.

Did you know that….?

  • Different ethnic groups have lived in the territory of Spain throughout the years, including such groups as Greeks, Romans, Moorish, Visigoths, Iberians or Celts. 
  • The Spanish language is the third most spoken language in the world with almost 400 millions of native speakers worldwide. Apart from this, in Spain you can find 3 other official languages that are Galician, Basque and Catalan.
  • Spain enjoys of the greatest number of bars (per inhabitant) in Europe and the breakfast is almost never eaten at home.
  • There are more than 8000 km of beach in Spain
  • The water bridge of Segovia was built by Romans almost 2000 years ago and today it still brigs water to the city!
  • Spain can boast of the major production of of olive all in the world (45%  of world production)
  • It´s the only country where the bullfight is considered to be a kind of sport.
  • Barcelona is the most visited city of Spain – 15 millions of tourists visit it every year ( in comparison, Madrid receives 7 millions of visitors)
  • Mahou” is the most widely sold beer in Spain.
  • Spain is the only country that produce plantains (bananas)
  • The game Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona is the most important sport event in the country and it is capable to paralyze completely all the biggest cities.
  • The underground system of Madrid is the fourth biggest one in the world (after London, New York, and Beijing)
  • Spain enjoys of the greatest number of fiestas. The most distinctive to point out are San Fermin (Pomplona), Tomatina (Buñol), Fallas (Valencia) or Carnaval (Tenerife y Cadiz).
  • The oldest European city is found in Spain and it is Cadiz which was settled by Phoenicians!
  • Spain is the third greatest producer of wine, after France and Italy.

As you might have noticed, it´s a country with many curiosities and various things to share. Academia CILE is the best place not only to learn the language but also to get to know more about Spain. Don´t miss your chance!


facts about Spain - learn Spanish in Malaga at Academia CILE

facts about Spain - learn Spanish in Malaga at Academia CILE

facts about Spain - learn Spanish in Malaga at Academia CILE




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