Things you must know about coffee in Malaga – study Spanish at Academia CILE

study Spanish in Malaga and discover the types of coffee

The culture of coffee in Malaga is something really particular. When you order coffee, you will have to choose from different types of it. Mostly it is served in a glass which contains various mixing proportions of milk and coffee.

These various mixing proportions were invented over 60 years ago by Jose Prado, the owner of Café Central (the oldest cafe in Malaga). The system was quickly adopted by other restaurants and it shortly became the hallmark of the city.

The Café Central is a few minutes walk from the Spanish School CILE. Do you feel like having a coffee there? Let’s decide which one then…


In Málaga you can find coffee to suit all tastes – different varieties, degrees of strength and ways to drink it:


SOLO: 100% Coffee

LARGO: 90% Coffee10% Milk

SEMILARGO: 80% pure Coffee

SOLOCORTO: 60% pure Coffee

MITAD: 50% Coffee, 50% Milk

ENTRECORTO: 40% Coffee, 60% Milk

CORTO: 30% Coffee, 70% Milk

SOMBRA: 20% Coffee, 80% Milk

NUBE: 10% Coffee, 90% Milk

study Spanish in Malaga and discover the types of coffee


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