Spanish traditions: breakfast in Spain – learn Spanish at Academia CILE in Malaga

Spanish traditions: breakfast in Spain – learn Spanish at Academia CILE in Malaga


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Anyone who has travelled at least a bit around Spain knows that it is a very varied country. Even in terms of breakfast as there are different preferences of salty and sweet food for ones´s morning, one or another type of coffee, etc. The culture of breakfast is interesting to look at, thus.

There was a survey among 1.500 Spaniards realised a few years ago which told some interested facts about Spanish breakfast and the customs Spanish people fave for their morning´s snack. Let´s point out some curiosities here!

  1. 80% of the people assure that they eat their breakfast everyday. Also, it seems that 90% of Spaniards do that outside during the week and even more of the eat their breakfast outside in the weekend.
  2. There are, of course, some (a few!) Spaniards who claim that they do not eat breakfast. 42% of them say that they do not do that because they are not hungry at the time they wake up and 25% of them say that they wake up too late to have breakfast.
  3. The average time Spaniards dedicate for the breakfast, according to the survey, is about 5-10 minutes.
  4. The most common hour for breakfast is around 7.00-8.30 (for 43%). 50% of Spaniards eat around 8.30-10.00 during the weekend though.
  5. As they say, Spain is a país cafetero (coffee country) when it comes to breakfast. More than 70% of Spaniards accompanies their breakfast with coffee in the mornings. It is consider as a fundamental element of breakfast in such regions as Andalusia, Asturias, Balearic Islands, Cantabria, Catalunya, Valencia, Extremadura, Madrid, Murcia and País Vasco. The coffee with milk wins against all the other types of coffee.
  6. Another dilemma is to chose between sweet and salty. It seems that the sweet snacks win although only slightly (55% of Spaniards chose sweeties, 45% chose salty meal). Andalusia and Catalunya are the main regions for salty breakfast.
  7.  And now the most important part… what exactly do they eat? The variety is large so we can only point out some tendencies the survey showed: El gofio (sweet) in Canary Islands en versión dulce en Canarias, los pinchines in Asturias, el Maimón in Castilla, los fartons en Valencia, o los paparajotes en Murcia, among other tendencies. Also, an orange juice is commonly prefered to dring in the mornings.

Thus, what about having a breakfast with the students of Academia CILE. Should we order coffee with milk for your Spanish breakfast?











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