The national anthem of Spain – study Spanish in Malaga with Academia CILE

Did you know that the anthem of Spain is one of those four hymns in the world that have no lyrics?



The Marcha Real (sometimes called Marcha de Granaderos) is the national anthem of Spain. It is one of four national anthems in the world that have no official lyrics. The other three countries sharing the same type of hymn are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and San Marino.

It is one of the most antique hymns in the world (fist issued as a document in 1761  by Manuel de Espinosa, the composer). 

In 1770 Marcha de Granaderos was declared as an official Honour March by Charles III. This is how it was used to be played in public event and solemn occasions. It turned to be official anthem during the reign of Isabel II, though.

When the Second Republic was established, Himno de Riego was declared as official hymn. However, after the Spanish Civil War, Marcha Real became the anthem again (sometimes sung with the verses of José María Pemán since 1928).





The anthem of Spain - study Spanish in Malaga at Academia CILE


The anthem of Spain - study Spanish in Malaga at Academia CILE

Today´s version of the Marcha Real belongs to maestro Francisco Grau and it became as it is when the Kingdom of Spain bought the author rights of the Marcha Real (then belonging to Pérez Casas’s). 

Though the Marcha Real has no lyrics there are two versions of it. One version was used during Alfonso XIII’s reign and another during General Franco’s dictatorship; however, none of them is official. After Franco´s regime the lyrics were abandoned and since 1978the hymn has been played without it.


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