Wines in Andalusia!

Wines in Andalusia!

Wines in Andalusia

Spain isn´t just famous for its people, its culture and its weather but also for its wines

When travelling to Malaga or Andalusia in general, it’s a must to visit also spots like wine cellars and wineyards that have their own charm and show the country from another point of view, except all the other generally known tourists spots.

From the antiguity on, Andalusia is a famous wine region and even today the second largest wine-growing region in Spain. Most of the grape varieties in Andalusia are white ones. Because of the heat in this region the grapes reach a high must weight. As a result those wines have a higher alcohol content and also characteristics you can´t compare to other wines as it has a special oxidative taste.


– You can recognize wine of Andalusia also by its colour which is almost amber –

The reason why the grapes are growing here so well, is because of the climate, the topography and the geology. Andalusia’s dry summers and mild winters as well as the 3.000 sunshine hours are playing a decesive role for growing wines.

Where you can find Andalusian wine in Malaga:

1. La Odisea Vinos de Málaga S.L

As this is a restaurant you can combine tasting or buying wine and try delicious food. 

Direction: Subida Coracha, 1, 29016

2. Bodega Bar el Pimpi

This Bar offers you an environment tipically spanish with tapas and wine in the city center.

Direction: Calle Granada, 62, 29015

3. Antigua Casa de Guardia

Founded in 1840 with typical tapas and lot of different types of wine to choose.

Direction: Alameda Principal, 18, 29005

Image: La Odisea
Image: El pimpi
wines in andalusia
Image: Antigua Casa de Guardia