5 outstanding Apps for Learning Spanish!

5 outstanding Apps for Learning Spanish!

5 outstanding Apps for Learning Spanish!

Did you know that Spanish is one of the most spoken languages worldwide?
Are you thinking of learning Spanish from scratch or improving your Spanish skills? 

If you speak Spanish you can communicate with almost 500 million people worldwide. 

You’d be able to make many friends and you would have more employment opportunites.
Isn’t this reason enough to start learning Spanish?
Use one of the best apps which I’d like to present in the following:

1. Busuu

Busuu is a fun, flexible and an easy-to-use app that provides language courses and conversations with native speakers to attain a rapid Spanish learning process.
Busuu covers all necessities for effective langauge learning  which are Speaking, Grammar, Listening, Writing, Dialogue and Vocabulary lessons and exercises. The app offers a pool of people from which you can get your language partner and start teaching each other your native language.
The app is availabe for IOS and Android devices. Download it and try for free!

2. Memrise

Memrise is one of the most popular apps for learning a new language. With Memrise, you can start learning Spanish from scratch or you can skip to more advanced levels. The app takes a unique approach to helping you learn new words by putting them into sentences with similar sounding words from your language. This allows you to form connections between those words in your mind and you remember them easily. 
You can download the free app to Android or iOS devices.

3. FluentU

FluentU uses a natural approach by turning real-world videos like, commercials, music videos and news into language learning experiences. Whatever are your interests, you can find some interesting topics for you. This approach helps you to ease into the Spanish language and culture over time plus you’ll learn Spanish as it’s spoken in real life.
Available for IOS and Android devices. Download it and try for free!

4. Duolingo

Duolingo is a free and quick to use app for learning languages.
Duolingo Spanish is split up into units like education, work or medicine. This allows you to practice topic-related vocabulary for 20 questions per sub-unit. The app focuses less on grammer but on the 1500 most important words that are most commonly used in daily situations.
It’s availabe for IOS and Android devices and windows phone.

5. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone applies a famous language learning methodology.
Instead of learning Spanish through your native language, it’s designed to learn Spanish through Spanish. You’re not able to change the langauge settings. This has a vast effect on your learning process because you have to figure things out on your own.
Rosetta has also a platform where you can schedule lessons with a tutor and practice your Spanish by talking aboout numerous topics with a native speaker.
Due to the adaptive algorithm, Rosetta takes an individual approach to each student by suggesting new activities to enhance the learning experience.
Download it and try for free. Availabe for IOS and Android devices.

Don’t lose time and start today!