La Feria de Málaga

La Feria de Málaga

La Feria de Málaga

One of the most spectacular festivals from the Costa del Sol takes place in Malaga – la Feria. It is one of the oldest European festivals. People from all over the world are coming together to be part of this beautiful summer festival. They want to make memories that last for their lifetime.

The Feria starts August 11th and ends August 19th; one week full of traditions, dancing, fun, eating and drinking typical specialties. You have the opportunity to get to know more about the traditions and culture of Spain.

The Feria officialy starts on Friday night to Saturday with a welcoming speech from the mayor and a “Pregón”, a declaration of love for the city, from a famous person. This year the person will be Pablo Aranda Ruiz, he is a author and columnist from Malaga. After that there will be a beautiful firework at the Malagueta. With the firework the Malagueños start to celebrate with music and dancing Flamenco.

The next day continues with a nonstop-party and that since 1491. But it is not only party, you have a lot of different possibilites to enjoy this event. One thing is better than the other.

Historical facts

The Feria of Malaga is a celebration to honor the king Ferdinand as well as the queen Isabella. In August 1487 both went for a ride through the city to announce the freedom of the city from the moors. Furthermore they declare the return to the rootage of the traditional catholicism.

The city administration allowed in 1491 that the habitants can always celebrate this occasion in August; they are doing this ever since.

Feria del Día

The “Feria del dia” will be celebrated in the middle of the historic center. The focus principal of the spectacles is on the street “Larios”. The best moment to visit the Feria is from midday until 05:00pm. In this time the streets will be full of Flamenco dancers, singers, inhabitants and tourists dressed in typical Flamenco costumes.

You will recognize the delicious smell of tapas. And don´t forget to try the typical sweet wine of Malaga “Cartojal”. After 05:00pm it´s the time for the young people to start the party. So if you don’t like making party that much, take a siesta at home and use the time to get ready for the Feria de la noche.


Feria de la Noche

In the night you will meet all the people at the big festival area, “El real de la Feria”. It is a little bit outside of the city center but, there is no problem in using the bus to get there. But don´t worry, you can not only enjoy the atmosphere at night, you can enjoy it as well at daytime.

You will find all of the famous fair attractions such as roller coasters and carousels. Moreover there are like 150 “Casetas”, little booths from restaurant and other clubs with something to eat and to drink. You also have the possibility to see impressive spectacles of horses.

Let the magic happen and visit la Feria de Málaga!

For more information just have a look at the website or check out the program.