Green Transportation

Green Transportation
Green Transportation in Malaga

It’s May and the weather in Malaga is warm and sunny. It’s the perfect time to go to the beach or to discover the historic old town. However, it might be a bit to far to walk and the car or taxi will get stuck in traffic. The latter does not only take a lot of time but is also bad for the environment. Thankfully, Malaga offers numerous forms of green transportation to discover the city.

The most known alternative to the car is probably the bike. There are various companies in Malaga that offer different kind of bikes for several days or just for a couple of hours (e.g. Málaga Bike Tours & Rentals, Recyclo BikeCafé, Bike2Málaga etc.). The rental of a bike for four hours costs around 7€ – 10€ depending on the bike and the company. The longer you rent the bike the cheaper will be the price per day.

Another possibility to discover Malaga are Segways. Segways are personal transporter that are powered by electricity. One person can fit on one Segway. Some companies in Malaga (e.g. Segway Málaga Tours, Segway Málaga Fun) offer guided tours through the city. These tours can last from 15 minutes to two hours. For example there are tours that only focus on the Alcazaba, and there are tours that ensure that you will see all the important sights. These tours cost 10€ – 50€ and are accompanied by a professional guide

Since recently there is a new form of transportation in Malaga: the e-scooter. These e-scooters can be rent via apps. Some of the more known companies in Malaga are: Voi, Lime, Eskay, Tier and Wind.

How to rent an e-scooter in Malaga.

  1. Download the app

  2. Enter payment details

  3. Choose a scooter

  4. Scan the QR code that can be found on the handlebar

  5. Confirm the chosen scooter on the app

  6. Have fun discovering Malaga

These proposed alternatives to cars offer you great opportunities to discover Malaga after your Spanish classes.

        Photo: Francis Silva. 2019-05-07