Why People want to learn the Spanish language

Why People want to learn the Spanish language

Why People want to learn the Spanish language

In the World of language-learners Spanish is a very popular language, but what makes taking Spanish classes so popular?

1. Range of Language & Travel Opportunities

There are over 450 million native speaker of Spanish in the World. Spanish is spoken on 5 contintents (Europe, South-America, North-America, Asia and Africa) and in over 31 countries (e.g. Spain, Chile, United States, Philippines, Equatorial Guinea etc.). This makes Spanish one of the World languages. So, speaking Spanish will open the doors to the World to you and will allow you to travel further, learn new exciting things and make new friends.

2. The Culture

Do you want to learn Flamenco in Málaga? Eat Spanish churros? Or drink mate in Buenos Aires? People want to learn Spanish to understand the Spanish culture: the flamenco, the food, the way the Spaniards live and learn more about it. Taking Spanish lessons at a Language School like Academia CILE allows people to dive even deeper into the Hispanic culture. Furthermore while learning about a different culture you will also learn about your own (e.g. different kind of greetings, gestures and habits).

3. Work

Globalization brings in more actors to the corporate World. Learning to speak a foreign language will be an important asset that might get you your next job. That might be in a Spanish-speaking firm or in a company that works with businesses based in Spain. Speaking Spanish brings many new job opportunities and is often the reason why many people want to learn it.

4. Books, TV-Shows and Music

Maybe you always wanted to read Isabel Allende’s books in her native tongue? Or watch Casa de Papel (Money Heist) without subtitles? Through Spanish you will be able to enjoy more entertainment programs. You will discover new books, new movies and new music.

Here at Academia CILE we will help you to improve your Spanish. May it be for work, culture or just for fun. Our range of courses cover many exciting topics. Enrol now!