How to improve your Spanish outside of Class

How to improve your Spanish outside of Class

Improving your Spanish outside of Class

Your Spanish lessons here at Academia CILE normally finish at 13:30. This leaves you with plenty of time to discover Malaga and practice your Spanish. But how do you improve your Spanish outside of class?

1.Meet Spaniards & go to a language-exchange

Try to make friends with Spanish-speaking people. Or go to a language-exchange. Maybe you find someone who wants to learn your language and in return will help you to improve your Spanish.

2. Listen to Spanish music

It is time to find new artists and bands to listen to. Through listening to Spanish Music you get used to the sound of the language and pick up words and frases. Some Spanish-speaking bands and artists are: Enrique Iglesias, Rata Blanca, La Renga, Calle 13.

You could also listen to Disney Songs. You might already know them in your native tongue. So, it’ll be easier to understand the lyrics and learn new words.

3. Watch movies in Spanish

Movies like music will help you to get used to the sound of the Spanish language. Additionally, they teach you words that are related to certain situations that happen within the movie. You might also pick up a few slang words while watching them. Some Spanish movies and TV-shows are: Casa de Papel, el Laberinto del Fauno, Ocho Apellidos Vascos.

You can also watch your favorite movies with a Spanish dub. Normally movies produced in the USA or the UK will be dubbed in Spain and in Latin America. So, there are two different Spanish dubs for you to watch. 

4. Read the newspaper

Not only will you know what is going on in Spain and in the World but you will also improve your Spanish. Normally the language used in newspapers is more formal and you will pick up words that you wouldn’t learn otherwise.

5. Read Spanish books or short stories

There are many Hispanic authors that write excellent books in Spanish such as Isabell Allende who might be the most famous Spanish-writing author. If a whole book is too much, you could also read short stories.

6. Listen to an audio book

Audio books will help you to get used to the sound of the language. You could also read the book first and then listen to the audio version of it.

7. Book your tours in Spanish

If your Spanish is already pretty good, then book your next guided tour in Spanish. While learning about the Caminito del Rey or Picasso, you will pick up some Spanish along the way.

8. Change the language of your phone & Social Media

Changing the language of your phone, your Facebook or Instagram will help you to get used to seeing Spanish in your everyday life.

9. Watch Videos by Spanish Youtubers

Search for Spanish or Latin-American youtuber that upload videos regularly. You will pick up more conversational Spanish words and phrases. In addition, you will learn the words of topics that spark your interest. One famous Spanish-speaking youtuber for example is HolaSoyGerman.