Why learn the Spanish language?

Why learn the Spanish language?

Why learn the Spanish language?

There are a lot of reasons why you should learn Spanish. But first some really interesting facts, that I´m sure you didn´t knew before.

Spanish is a world language, speaking in four continents: Europe, South America, North America and Africa. In more than 20 countrys it is the official national language and the native language of more or  less 370 million people. After Chinese and English is Spanish the third frequently spoken language. Spanish is a really beautiful language so nobody is wondering, that Spanish is after English one of the most learned languages in the world.

And don´t forget the fact that some really nice artists are Spanish native speaker, such as Pablo Picasso and authors as well as poets, like Cervantes with his one important work for the world literature, “Don Quijote”. It also includes the variegated and colourful music and dance, such as Flamenco and Salsa.

7 reasons why you should learn Spanish in a Spanish country?

1.Get to know the culture
When you learn the language abroad you are not only learning the language but also the culture. You get to know the every day live, traditions and the way of thinking. Even more, if you use the possibility to live in a host family. They can show you the way of life and in the same time you can pratice your new learned skills, directly with them.

2.New friendships
Use the chance to meet people from all over the world. Live together with other people in a shared apartment, do activities and participate in Spanish classes in a school. You can learn so much from the other people and their culture. You will enjoy the time more, by doing things with other people. And with a little luck, you will find new friends.

3.Live, work or study in another country
Knowing a foreign language open doors for you. You will experience new opportunities and find it more easy to reach your goals, as you are able to communicate with foreigners. You are able to live in another country for working or studying without language barriers. This is a unique chance, you should use. Don´t miss that kind of experience.

4.Be open and tolerant
A foreign language helps you to understand other peoples thinking. Maybe you will start to questioning yourself about your behavior and your way of life. It can open your mind for a complete new world. You will see it with other eyes.

5.Get self-confidence
You will see that you get more self-confidence by learning a new language. You discover a new side of your personality. Furthermore you have the opportunity to see the native speakers confident, as you speak their mother language. You do your best to adopt in their country and for that you will receive compliments. And don´t worry they don´t expect you to speak with perfect grammar or safety in language. It will show you, that you capable of more than you think you are. Maybe you will start new projects and challenge yourself.

6.Climb the social ladder
Today, in our society it is necessary to know minimum 2 different languages, if you want to find a good job and make one´s career. Everthing is connected and it is a necessity to speak a other language to communicate internationally. And you should keep in mind, that Spanish is one of the most important international trade and lingua franca and therefore, one of the fundamental key skills for the national and international job market.

7.Making sexy
A british dating agency found out, that having an accent makes people looking sexy. For a lot of people, having an accent, makes attractive and special. Try it and you will see. The most interesting thing is that every part of the countries has its own accent and depending on where you stay you will adapt this.

To learn Spanish or a new language in gerenal in a foreign country is something exciting and is not only about studying in a school. You can pratice the language in real life and you will see that your progress will be faster than it would normally be. It’s an adventure you never wanted to forget.