Famous museums in Málaga

Famous museums in Málaga

Málaga offers many museums that present the Spanish culture, history and art. Here we collected some of the most famous and interesting museums for you but be aware that there are lots of more museums to discover.


The Picasso museum is of course one of the most famous museums in Málaga. Pablo Picasso was born in Málaga and therefore, the museum is located in this city. Paintings, sculptures and drawings by the world-famous artist are on display and over 800 Picasso titles are archived in the museum library. A café terrace in the shade of orange trees invites you to take small relaxing breaks during and after your visit.
The entrance is between 9€ and 12€, on Sundays it is free during the last two opening hours.

Moreover, you can visit the “Casa Natal de Picasso”, the house where he was born. The majority of the museum is dedicated to personal belongings of Picasso and his family but also exhibitions with Picasso’s work and works that are influenced by him.


The cathedral, The Cathedral Museum and the rooftop are worth to visit, too. The cathedral is a landmark of Málaga and was built for 200 years in the 16th – 17th century above a mosque. The rooftop offers a spectacular view over the city and in the museum, many religious works are presented. The interior dome is 40 metres high, in the side aisles are 15 chapels and many religious works of art. 


The Museum Carmen Thyssen presents about 200 works of Spanish artists in a Renaissance Palace.
For example, you can see Spanish and Andalusian works of Sorolla y Bastida and Ignacio Zuloaga. The arts are focused on the 19th century, for example the Romantic period and the Naturalism. The museum also offers special exhibitions and has a nice café in its inner courtyard.
The entrance costs about 10€, on Sundays from 5 pm it is free of charge.

The last museum we want to present is the Museum of the fortress Gibralfaro and the Roman theatre Alcazaba. The fortress offers gardens and courtyards and of course the inside with many residential districts. Alcazaba is located in the city centre. When passing by, you can see the theatre and the first walls of the fortress. To enter the fortress, you need to walk to the top of the Gibralfaro hill. The walk is worth it because you have a view over Málaga’s port, the promenade, the city and the mountains. The fortress was meant to defend the Alcazaba.
The entrance to the museum, Alcazaba and Gibralfaro is about 3,50€. On Sundays, from 2 pm the entrance is free.


Published by Lea Tappert