Traditional Spanish Breakfast

Traditional Spanish Breakfast

Traditional Spanish Breakfast

What does the term „traditional Spanish breakfast“ mean? Those of you who have already been to Spain probably noticed that the Spanish have their own idea of a normal breakfast.

While walking through the streets you will find a lot of signs with the writing “desayuno” (breakfast).

A lot of Spaniards have their quick and easy breakfast in one of the countless tapas bars or cafés. These two forms of breakfast are the most common ones:

Tostada con Café leche y Zumo de Naranja - Toast with Milk coffee and Orange juice

Although this breakfast is likely to be adapted with Serrano ham, salami, cheese etc. most of the Spaniards prefer the simple form: A roasted bread with olive oil, tomatos, fresh squeezed orange juice and of course, a coffee.

But not only the Spanish love this kind of breakfast, also the “Spanish-by-choice”, exchange students and tourists appreciate the Spanish form of a breakfast. It is healthy, cheap and easy to prepare.

Although Spain has been affected a lot by the economic crisis and the effects can still be felt nowadays, most of the Spanish are willing to invest 2,50 to 3,50 Euros on a daily basis for a healthy breakfast.

Churros con Chocolate - Churros with Chocolate

The fried pastries are offered by many different „Churrerías” (booths for Churros), Tapas bars and Cafés. They are served with a cup of hot chocolate or a chocolate milk. According to the size of the portion, Churros cost around 2,50€ and 4,00€ and can also be eaten as a snack.

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Apart from the traditional spanish breakfast, there are various other traditional dishes you can enjoy and that are worth a visit to Spain.

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