El Palo – beautiful village near Malaga

El Palo – beautiful village near Malaga

El Palo – beautiful village near Malaga

El Palo is a beautiful village near Malaga. With the bus it only takes you 20 minutes to get there. The buses leave at the “Paseo del Parque” (you can take number 3 and number 11).  One ride is 1,30 euros. The last stop is “El Palo” and after a 5 minutes walk you’ll reach the beautiful beach there. It’s calm and not crowded because only the locals go there.

You can spend an amazing day at the beach in the sun. You can relax there for hours and just veg out.


After this day off at the beach you will be very hungry. If you saunter the promenade of the beach, you will find a lot of small restaurants. They all offer a bride varity of seafood. But the speciality of “el palo” are the so called “espetos”. It’s a stick of  sardines grilled above an open fire. Malaga, but even more the area of “el palo”, is famous for the “espetos”. This palce used to be a small fisher village and that’s why they know how to prepare fish delicously. You should definitely have it there! If you like fish, you will love it. You can eat there with a breathtaking few on the sea and enjoy your tasty meal.

To digest your tasty dinner, you can walk further along the promenade of the beach. You will cross that well known bridge of “el palo”. You will wonder why this bridge exists, because you don’t see any river. But take a second look! And you will recognize that there was a river, a long time ago. Such a nostalgic, little, charming and authentic village close to Malaga!

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