Carnival 2018 in Malaga

Carnival 2018 in Malaga

Celebrate Carnival in Malaga!

03|02|2018 – 11|02|2018

This week Carnival starts and we want to provide you with an overview. It is getting warm in Malaga and Carnival will be celebrated during this warm winter period, from 3rd of February to 11th of February.

A good time to celebrate carnival outside.

The event starts the 3rd of February, at 20:00 with the inaugural proclamation at “Plaza de la Constitución”. All week long colorful parades will take place on the roads of Malaga’s city center and people will celebrate it there. To finish Carnival the last event “Entierro de Boquerón” takes place the 11th of February.

The shedule of Carnival in Malaga: For detailed informations please have a look to the website of : www.


Saturday, 3.2.2018: Inaugural proclamation | “Plaza de la Constitución” (20:00)

Sunday, 4.2.2018: Parade of Carnival starts | celebration on the roads of Malaga from “Pasillo de Santo Domingo” to “Plaza de la Merced”

Viernes, 9.2.2018: Gala contest of “Drag Queen” (21:00)

Domingo, 11.2.2018: End of Carnival | free tasting of fried anchovies: “Plaza de la Constitución” (13:00), Burial of the “Boquerón” from “Calle Larios” to the maritime walk (16:00 – 20:00)

3.02.20118 – 11.02.2018: Everyday carnival celebration in the roads. Daily musical competitions in the streets called “Murgas” and “Comparsa”.

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