One always returns to the old places where one loved life…

One always returns to the old places where one loved life…

Places where one loved: Malaga - Spanish School in Spain Academia CILE

One always returns to the old places where one loved life…

I have been always in love with Spain. Growing up in a little eastern European country which has nothing to do with the Iberian Peninsula I strongly believed that one day I would explore it, in one or another way. My dream came true two yers ago when I got a chance to do my erasmus in Málaga. I can still remember the very first day when my plane touched the tarmac and when my new stage of life began. I spent here one academic year which was full of not only professional but also personal experiences. Málaga, as the whole Costa del Sol, is, I am sure, one of the best places to live and, above all, to learn.

I got to know the culture and the people of Andalusia which is a historically rich region enjoying of astonishing architectural herritage, natural marvels and extraordinary traditions. I was travelling all over the region, including such amazing places as Seville, Ronda, Tarifa, Cadiz and Jaen, to mention just a few of them. I was always opened to new discoveries while tasting their flavorful Spanish dishes such as salmonejo, octopus salad, boquerones, Iberian ham, among others. And I was always involved in the cultural activities and local customs, starting from flamenco dances and finishing with such traditional musical expressions as ‘tuna’ or ‘verdiales’. This is only a superficial presentation of the things I experienced as the list is endless. Málaga truly gave me much more than I could have ever expected.


Food in the places where one loved life: Spanish Scool in Spain Academia CILE


However, as my grandma says, the best things in life, unfortunatelly, last too short. My erasmus studies finished, and as did my stay in Malaga. The last day of my stay I remember myself getting up to the viewpoint of Gibralfaro, which provides one with an unforgettable panoramic view of the city, sheding a tear or two and saying  “see you next time” instead of  “goodbye” as in the bottom of my heart I believed that I would come back.

Luckily I was right. It could be probably described the best by remembering the well known phrase of one of Argentinian songs: Uno vuelve siempre a los viejos sitios donde amó la vida” (“One always returns to the old places where one loved life”). I did return to Málaga and I am now studying in the International Centre of Spanish Language (CILE) since I desired to improve my Spanish more and to reach the advanced level. I could not have made a better decision as at this school both the staff and the teachers do their best in order to adapt theirselves to everyone´s personal and academic needs and this is precisely what I was looking for. Thanks to special activities they organise and to the dedication of the people who work here, I am now feeling the same happiness as in those times when I first came here.

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