Feria de Malaga – study Spanish at Academia CILE and see the celebration

Feria de Malaga – study Spanish at Academia CILE and see the celebration

The fair of Málaga or the Feria de Malaga is the most important week and the greatest celebration held in the city of Malaga. If you decide to study Spanish at Academia CILE, you will have a chance to take part in it!


The Feria de Málaga - study Spanish at Academia CILE




                           Let´s talk about the most important week while in Malaga – the Feria de Agosto (“August Fair”) or Feria de Málaga (“Málaga Fair”) which takes place every August in the city of Málaga. The fiesta itself serves for the commemoration of the historical event on the 18th of August in 1487 when the city was taken over by the Catholic Monarchs – Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon which incorporated Malaga into the Crown of Castile. At this point the monarchs provided the city with a religious statue of la Virgen de la Victoria


The Feria de Málaga - study Spanish at Academia CILE

                  It was began to commemorate in a way as it is done today only recently as earlier it was celebrated slightly different. The first such celebration occurred in 1491 and it was a form of procession. A year after,  there was a procession accompanied by a bullfight.  In the 17th century the fireworks and rockets were introduced. However, although celebrated annually, the festivities went into decline little by little.


                             Later, the government of Málaga established the popular religious festivities that coincided with the dates of the fair. In 1887, hence, there was a commemoration of the 4th centenary of the conquest and the festival was recovered. Nowadays, the fair is the most vibrant celebration of the year beginning just before midnight on a Friday and ending on a Sunday night.



                       Today the place of the celebration might be divided into two: the Real de la Feria in the Cortijo de Torres district, which is dedicated for the evening , or so called “Feria de la noche” (“Night Fair”) and the historic center where the “Feria de día” (“Day Fair”) rules.

                      When the feria takes place, the streets of Malaga ae decorated with paper lanterns and flowers. There are a lot of performances, both for little ones and for adults, music sounds everywhere and dances are displayed (especially verdiales, the most typical malageñian version of flamenco), and horses with the carriages might be seen everywhere which brings even more traditional charm. The echos of flamenco and copla can be heard everywhere. And there is also a bullfighting every afternoon at La Malagueta.

      The students of Academia CILE are about to explore it next moth. You are free to join!


The Feria de Málaga - study Spanish at Academia CILE





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