Spanish proverbs – dichos españoles

Spanish proverbs – dichos españoles

Each language has certain particularities that reveal the beauty of the culture of the country or geographical zone where it is spoken. Proverbs and sayings are great part of this beauty. This is why we decided to present you a new category called “Dichos españoles” (“Spanish proverbs”). For the first post of this new rubric we have chosen two exciting Spanish sayings. Let´s have fun while exploring them!


A quien madruga Dios le ayuda

It is often thought that Spaniards are laid-back and lazy people. It is not really true and there is a saying in Spanish that proves that (or at least intends to prove that): “a quien madruga Dios le ayuda”. Literally it means that God helps the ones who get up early. In English it corresponds to the proverb “it’s the early bird that catches the worm”

Barriga llena, corazón contento

Have you ever noticed how one´s attitude can change in a second… depending on how empty or full one´s stomach is? We are sure you have. After eating well, things start to seem not so bad, don´t they? As Spanish tend to eat well and have so many tasty food and tapas…. it is not surprising that they have a brilliant saying for that: “Barriga llena, corazón contento” (your heart is happy only when your belly is full)


So, Academia CILE recommends you to wake up early as God helps the ones they do so. And remember that your heart is happy only then your belly is full, so prepare yourself a full breakfast!

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