Rooftopbars Málaga

Rooftopbars Málaga

Rooftopbars in Málaga

On top of some Hotels and Hostels in Malaga you can find very popular bars and restaurants with amazing views across parts of the city, the port and the sea. Especially at nights or in the evenings you can find a special atmosphere there. Those rooftops are really trendy locations to watch the sunset. Many people enjoy a drink with the view across the city’s rooftops and let their thoughts wander. If you have a good spot with good views, you should be there a little bit earlier. To eat in the restaurant you should make a reservation before, because the places are much in demand.

La Terraza La Alcazaba

This Rooftopbar is directly in the historic center next to the Teatro Romano and the Alcazaba. It is on top of the Batik – Alcazaba Premium Hostel. With the historic city center directly to your feet, you can let the eye wander and admire the history of the city. Often there is music but sometimes you can also listen to the musicians playing on the place in front of the roman theatre.

La Terraza de San Juan

This terrace is in the center on the top of the Malaga Premium Hotel. This place is not really popular and you do not expect it there. But on top of this hotel hides a perfect relaxing spot with views of a church and the cathedral. It is a great location to have a coffee break there or enjoy a cold drink in the evening. With some plants, seating areas with lounge furniture and pillows in jungle style, this is a good rooftop to zone out.

La Terraza Oasis

This location is also directly in the center close to the Thyssen museum. It became one of the most visited rooftops in Malaga and is busy during the daytime as well. You have the choice of different drinks and cocktails and you can enjoy it while listening to some great chill-out music.


This rooftop is located on the TOP of the Hotel Molina Lario. On two different terraces you can enjoy the views of the mountains, the cathedral, the city and the port. On one part you can find a bar, a pool and different seating areas. The other part is a little bit calmer and in between there is a more or less a hidden table where you can enjoy the togetherness in a romantic atmosphere, having a drink while watching the sunset above the mountains of Malaga. You can drink special signature cocktails and eat some tapas on that rooftop. Each of the cocktails has a special name of a city and has a description to it.

Àtico Bar & Restaurant

This location is the rooftop of the well-known AC Hotels, also called Malaga Palacio, and is directly opposite of the Molina Larios. The rooftop is on the 15th floor and therefore you have a 360º all-around view. With the cathedral directly next to it and views across the city, the port, the Gibralfaro and the mountains, you can enjoy Malaga to the fullest. On weekends in the evening they charge a 8€ entry-fee but you get a drink of your choice for that money. The passionfruit and the strawberry mojito are recommendable and you can order them as well as a non-alcoholic cocktail. Normally in the evening a DJ is playing, what creates a perfect ambience. With the city lights, the music, the illuminated pool and the ferry lights across the terrace, this place is an in-location and a must when coming to Malaga. It is an absolute highlight for all Malaga-lovers.

Of course there are other rooftop bars in and around Malaga. All of the terraces have something special and breathtaking. With views across the city, the mountains, the port and the sea you can enjoy your cocktails there almost all year round – thanks to the pleasant climate. It is definitly worth seeing this amazing city from one of the rooftops. Malaga will captivate you within no time at all.