I. Breakfast recommendations Málaga

I. Breakfast recommendations Málaga

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Pitufo Mixto – ¿Sombra o Mitad?– Zumo de Naranja

We prepared a list of nice breakfast restaurants in Málaga for you. The city offers all different types of breakfast. You can have a very traditional spanish breakfast, a typical spanish breakfast or an international breakfast.

La Bella Julieta, Foto: goo.gl/8wZi2i

It is very typical to order a “Pitufo Mixto”, a coffee for example “Sombra” and an orange juice “Zumo de naranja”.  The Malaguenos call their type of bread “Pitufo”, Sombra is one of the 10 different types of Málaga coffee made of a little bit more milk than coffee and the “Zumo de naranja” people love to drink fast before the breakfast. Orange juice is always fresh pressed in every breakfast place in Málaga. Furthermore the orange season started and you can get the most tasty fruit juices now in the winterseason.


If you go on traveling in Andalusia or Spain it is important to know that the different types of coffee and bread names like Pitufo are only used and known in the province Málaga. The neighbour province like Cádiz do not use this words, they have other descriptions for their bread and coffee.

La Recova, Foto: goo.gl/WeQjfB

This is our recommendation of spanish breakfast places in the city center:

Very traditional:

  1. La Recova

It is very old style & typical spanish (café, pan: ca. 2€) (Pje Ntra. Sra. De los Dolores de San Juan 5)

Very international & typical spanish

  1. Rey Negro Caffé (Calle Strachan 11)
  2. La Bella Julieta (Calle Puerta del Mar 20)
  3. Cafeteria Dulces Dreams (Plaza de los Mártires Ciriaco y Paula 6)
  4. Café de L´Abuela (Calle Echegaray 9)
  5. El Mortal (Plaza Enrique Garcia Herrera 18)
  6. Santa Canela, CAFÉ/CREPERÍA (SOHO: Calle Tomás Heredi