Online Spanish courses

Online Spanish course

Online Spanish classes are the perfect option for those who want to learn Spanish but cannot attend classes in person, don’t have much free time, cannot travel to Spain or for those who prefer to study Spanish at home, coffee bar or office – in a comfortable conditions. Spanish classes via Skype are also ideal for everybody who has a good level of Spanish and would like to maintain contact with the language.
Our online Spanish courses have a flexible schedule and a completely customized program according to the needs of each student. Classes are individual, dedicated to each level, from A1 to C2, and follow our regular teaching framework.
Every single course is led by a team of specialised lecturers, all of them highly qualified. Academia CILE’s teachers have many years of experience, teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Advantages of online Spanish classes

What do you need to know to start an online course?


4 weeks (8 lessons)
200 €
25 € per lesson
8 weeks (16 lessons)
368 €
23 € per lesson
12 weeks (24 lessons)
504 €
21 € per lesson
16 sem. (32 lessons)
608 €
19 € per lesson