Special Courses

Apart from the general language tuition, we offer a series of special courses for particular needs and purposes, with 4 or 6 lessons daily:

I. Course “Legal Spanish”CILE

Gives an introduction to the terminology of jurists and can be combined with 2 or 4 lessons of general language classes.

II. Course for Airline Employees

Gives an introduction to the special terminology used by airline employees, prepares for the exams of the different airlines and can be combined with 2 or 4 lessons of general language classes.

III. Advanced Course in Subjunctive

This course deals with one of the most difficult aspects for foreigners of the Spanish grammar – the Subjunctive.

IV. Hispanic Studies Course

CILESpanish History: The most important events and historical evolutions which made Spain what it is today.
Spanish Art: Masterpieces, artists and styles from early works to present.
Spanish Literature: The most important writers and styles in Spanish language.
Spain Today: Spain and the Spanish people. Institutions and sociocultural changes.
The complete course lasts 8 weeks and students must have an advanced knowledge of Spanish. For more detailed information we provide our “Hispanic Studies Information Sheet” on request.

V. Homestay Program: Learn Spanish while Living with your Teacher

This course is different from any other. It consists of living and learning Spanish at your teacher’s home, which means being taught and corrected not only during class but at all times. It is not only taught through a textbook, but also, by practising living in Spanish, as if it were your own language. The teacher and his/her family devote exclusive time to the difficulties and problems of an individual student, unless he/she chooses the two-student option. In this case, both students will be from different countries, so that they will not be able to speak to each other in their mother tongue.

Leisure activities, such as chatting over a meal, watching TV, family visits and social life are all carried out in Spanish. If the student has chosen the two-student-option and there is not a second student available, the fees will remain the same but the class time is reduced from 15 to 10 and from 20 to 12 ½ lessons a week, thus becoming private lessons.

You can start your special courses on any day of the year (except public holidays) and the duration of the course is from one week onwards. This special courses are suited for students of all ages and levels.

One-to-One Spanish Courses

For those who want the complete attention of the teacher or want to learn special topics, we offer the One-to-One program. These  Spanish courses can also be combined with the normal group courses.