Spanish Teachers



Profesor Rafa

More than 20 years of experience in teaching Spanish.

Teaching  languages for Rafa is like opening a new world for those who not only want to learn a language, but also want to learn about the culture and lifestyle of a foreign country.

Although he confirms that his work is quite demanding, he never feels tired because his students are the ones who give him energy every day.

“I´ve  never been tired of my work and maybe it’s because I never follow routine. Teaching is a very dynamic profession which allows you to meet many people from different countries, different ages and interests and, above all, you meet people from distinct cultures. In this case, I’m not only teaching but I am also learning from my students, in some way.”

Rafa reveals that during his professional career he has come across many funny situations almost always caused by the wrong translation or the confusion of words by his students. He still remembers a delicious recipe: “ensalada de abogados” (eng. salad of lawyers), where the student confused aguacates (eng. avocado) with abogados (eng. lawyers). It is just one example but his experience is rich with similiar stories which are just another pleasant aspect of his work.



Pilar’s classes are always very dynamic.

Based mainly on communicative methods, she always presents the most attractive aspects of her language and her culture. This  encourages all the students to speak Spanish from the very first day of class.

“I enjoy suprising my students. For example, if we practice a new section of grammar or we work with  new vocabulary, I suddenly ask them to take away all their material which ” forces” them to use everything they know in a spontaneous way.”

For Pilar working with people has always been very important, she says that the experience of working with her students is very enriching for her aswell. Pilar enjoys the cinema of Fernando León and poetry of Federico García Lorca. One of her favorite books is “La sombra del viento”.


Profesora Carolina

Passion for teaching

As far as she can remember, she has always wanted to be a teacher. When she started her professional career, teaching became her true passion and she has been teaching Spanish for 12 years. Carolina admits that it is a very vocational job which offers you the opportunity to relate with other people. The fact that she can help others learn what they are interested in, brings her a lot of satisfaction.

“Firstly, I always try to find out what my students are interested in. In my opinion, the interests of the students are where the teacher should focus their attention. I strongly believe that, as far as learning foreign language is concerned, the best results are brought by passion and motivation”.

Carolina always bursts with enthusiasm and joy which is contagious. She always focuses all her attention on making the classes more connected, and preparing materials to make them more relevant to what we call “the real language”. In her leisure time she adores reading, sports and active participation in cultural events. Her favourite book is ¨Juegos de la edad tardía” by Luis Landero and as far as cinema is concerned, she has two idols: José Luis Berlanga and Fernando Fernán Gómez.


The subjunctive is not as bad as it seems.

Ana has been teaching Spanish classes for the last 15 years. She uses distinct teaching methodologies and you can be sure that after her classes, the subjunctive will no longer be a mystery to you.

Ana enjoys learning other languages, and perhaps for her, that is the reason why she understand the difficulties a language student encounters and helps them to overcome them more efficiently.

I really enjoy learning new languages, especially for the possibility of learning about a new culture. I believe that teaching my native language of Spanish is also teaching my culture, my way of life,  de la manera en la que yo lo he conocido”.

Her interest include art, cinema, literature, especially works by her favourite writers:  Gabriel García Márquez y Mario Vargas Llosa.

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