About Malaga

Málaga and the Costa del Sol

Learn Spanish in our spanish school, in Malaga, Spain.The Costa del Sol is a 150 km long coastline bordered by calm waters, a permanent blue sky, beautiful beaches on one side and hills, mountains, lakes, forests and traditional villages, towns and historical cities on the other.

Málaga, the “city of paradise”, as described by Nobel prize winner Vicente Aleixandre, is the capital of this lovely region. It enjoys an extraordinary mild climate, with an average temperature throughout the year of about 22 C and 330 sunny days.malaga picasso historical city and its monuments

It was founded by the Phoenicians, and has been a Roman colony and a Moorish city. All of this is reflected in its many monuments like the Roman amphitheatre, the Arab Alcazaba and its museums, among them the important Picasso Museum of Málaga.

Málaga is also the Andalusian city with the most cosmopolitan character, which also offers you sporting facilities of all kinds:

  • There are yacht harbours and sailing clubs along the coast. Water skiing is also very popular, as well as windsurfing. On almost every beach you can hire windsurfing equipment and there are schools for those who wish to learn.
  • Tennis has become one of the favourite sports in Málaga, so there are plenty of courts. Costs of court rental and tuition are very reasonable and equipment is available for hire. Also it is very popular to play squash.
  • The Costa del Sol is Europe’s best golf centre. There are fourteen golf courses, which are open throughout the year.
  • All along the coast there are numerous riding stables where horses are available for long excursions into the mountains for groups or individuals, or for a ride along the sandy beaches at dawn.
  • A wide range of popular festivities like bullfights, flamenco music, Holy Week processions, the August fair, etc. will show you the open and lively character of the people. In the numerous bars and restaurants you can taste the typical Spanish food and join the Spaniards in their daily life.

Being right in the centre of Andalusia, close at hand there is:

  • Granada and its Alhambra
  • The Sierra Nevada with its skiing facilities
  • The Mezquita of Córdoba and the Giralda of Sevilla in addition, just across the Strait of Gibraltar there is the magic of Africa.