Intensive Spanish Courses

Standard Spanish Course

The method in this Spanish course is based on a general tuition, covering the different levels of the European Reference Framework for Language Studies: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

The studies will cover all aspects of the Spanish language: listening, talking, reading and writing. There also will be daily homework assignments.

The Spanish courses programme meets the official DELE examination requirements. You can register at CILE for these examinations.

The structure of the standard Spanish courses is as follows: The first two lessons are dedicated to grammar studies, related with exercises. After a break of half an hour, the next two lessons are dedicated to vocabulary development, reading, writing, oral comprehension of radio programmes, video sessions, discussions, work with newspapers, etc.. It is also possible to enrol only for grammar or conversation lessons.

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Intensive and Superintensive Spanish Courses

If you do not have much time these Spanish courses provide more rapid results in less time than the Standard Spanish Courses.

You can choose the Intensive Spanish Course, with 6 lessons a day, 4 of them are in a group of the standard language course (max. 8 students/group) and 2 extra lessons in a special intensive course group (max. 6 students/group).

If you need more personal attention, you may enrol in the Superintensive Course, also with 6 lessons/day, but in this case with 4 lessons in a Standard Language Course group and 2 extra private lessons.

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One-to-One Spanish Courses

For those who want the complete attention of the teacher or want to learn special topics, we offer the One-to-One program. These  Spanish courses can also be combined with the normal group courses.

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